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Airush DNA

Created by getfunky > 9 months ago, 5 Feb 2017
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5 Feb 2017 7:27AM
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Intermediate - 12 yrs experience *85kgs (give or take a few pies)
Mostly Twin tip (but occasionally surfboards) Freeride/Downwinders/Boosting/Smiling
No shop or brand affiliation

Previous kites: North Evo, Airush Lithium, Eclipse Nano, Ozone Catalyst etc

I have ended up with 2014 6m + 8m and 2015 10m. I didn't plan on a quiver of DNAs and only bought the 8m on whim 18 mths ago but ended up in an almost inappropriate love affair with these kites.

Ok, I'm going to keep this simple...

These are fantastic all round kites and VERY underrated if you like a bit of everything and do down winders.

Simple 3 strut medium/low aspect delta design that been slightly tweaked over the years.
Notably from 2015 they include double rip stop cloth and a large inflate valve. Nothing wrong with the 2014 but these inclusions were good.

Based on the Lithium shape (also a very underrated all rounder in these parts) but ever so slightly de-tuned and with less bells and whistles (no one pump, less bridle options).

If you are starting out or anything but advanced level pushing the limits of the envelope throwing down twisty mega loops then this kite will put a smile on your dial.

Great smooth/easy boosting, good drift, great relaunch. Good wind range. Does almost everything well.

DNA is super stable and the kite will do everything possible to avoid hitting the water. Ride a wave straight at the kite and just bear a little upwind, the kite will drift back, take up the slack and no dramas.

On my first sesh on the 8m it was 20 knts. I headed out expecting to be a little underwhelmed by the boost. Wrong. Height and float aplenty for a 'learners kite'. Super easy to boost.

I was equally happy with every other aspect including drift. I'm not gonna say these are as good drifters as a dedicated surf kite (Reo, Drifter, Neo etc) but they do drift and well enough for a kite that also boosts sweet.

Fark - I took my new 10m out in 22 knts yesterday and it was mega powered ( the day before it was just getting by in 14 knots and it was doable). Yesterday I was getting HUGE airs and great float.

For a kite that feels so huge in power the 10m turns sweetly and I ended up hitting the H2O as I underestimated it's turn speed. No probs and a quick relaunch.

The 8m is my fave tho and I love the smooth power through the turns. I don't like kites that pivot with no power at all in the turn.

DNA is probably not the best dingle dangle flick spinny kite but that's not my thang.

Worth checking out.

Oh I should mention that I have these kites teamed up with the Airush Analog bar. I have had the Airush Smart bar previously and prefer the simpler Analog.
The Smart bar like offerings from North etc suffers from too much marketing and too many crappy add ons that aren't needed. Straps on the bar (instead of a cheap/awkaward cleat) are my preference - recommended for noobs too.



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