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Best TS 15m VS 2.5m Bombie

Created by Samuellae 6 months ago, 12 May 2017
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12 May 2017 1:52PM
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2015 Best TS 15m wind: 9-13 knots
rider weight: 80kg
6'4 semi-fish surfboard
matching Best Bar
surf: 1-2.5 meters (unbroken face)
test: surf durability

while riding an offshore Bombie the light onshore winds decided to precipitate an unscheduled destruction-by-wave test. The kite dropped into the drink on a take off (5-strut design does not drift so well) and due to swell movement relaunch was unsuccessful. Cue bomb. Somehow a set just missed breaking on me and landed right on the kite. There was an awful moment looking down from the lip at the kite waiting right in the impact zone. I hit the safety release but didn't bail the leash or harness because there were surfers further downwind inside Bombie. Wham. First pull took the wind out of me. 5 more waves and I was drifting into the beach with centre lines knotted around the depower. No hope for relaunch.
10 more waves and I'm washed up on the beach.
Damage report: one tiny bladder hole from a twist strain, and 10cm canopy tear next to one of the side struts.
Verdict: I guess I got away luckish, I've heard worse!


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"Best TS 15m VS 2.5m Bombie" started by Samuellae