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Created by ispi > 9 months ago, 24 Oct 2008
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24 Oct 2008 12:54PM
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I first demo’d the 137 x 41 Tempo which I liked so much that I ended up ordering one to replace my other brand board that I was riding for the last year. I ordered a 134 x 40 which was just a bit too big for me 80kg. I still loved the board but was just a tad overpowered on it in ideal conditions. I ended up selling it and ordering yet another Tempo at 130 x 39 which absolutely suits me perfectly.

It still has all the attributes of the other 2 Tempo’s I’ve used, but it just holds a ton more power without that loaded feeling on the rail. I’ve now used the board about 15 times in all conditions including a couple ball tearers in 35 + knots.
I’ve ridden a lot of boards and tried a stack of them before falling in love with the Tempos. I was reluctant to try a high rocker board again as I’d tried one from another brand (quad concave/mega rocker) not long before which I think had just too much rocker and felt like you were dragging a cow in the water behind you. In short I hated it and was tired out in about 30 mins of trying to push all that rocker through the water. The Tempo’s really surprised me, they have a fair bit of rocker but you don’t feel any drag and I keep up with everyone else both up wind and in terms of speed just fine.

Where these boards really stand out is in the turning and grip department. I wanted a twin tip that I could really bury a rail in with…. For bottom turns and gybes etc. You can lay these boards right over on their side and they just keep turning harder when most boards would spin out or catch a rail and buck you off. However, when the board is flat on the water, you can still deliberately slide it out and get that skatey feeling. For big sprays and powered carving turns, you just can’t beat these.

I’ve also found them to be a very forgiving board. They are great in landings and track really well without burying the nose. The extra rocker seems to soak up chop as well which is a real bonus in Sydney conditions. I can’t comment on wake style stuff as I ride with foot straps but pop and boost seem great although I realise that’s a highly personal thing.
Without a doubt (for what my little opinion is worth), the Tempo’s are the best all round board I’ve ridden by a long shot and I really can’t fault it for the way I like to ride. The quality is awesome as is the service and advice I got from the company. To be honest, I also like the idea of supporting a local Aussie manufacturer and love the whole custom graphics concept. I got to demo the Cardboard and other ranges at KitePower in Sydney. I think they have shops in Brisbane and Melbourne also.

My more detailed review on the 134 is here:


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24 Oct 2008 10:04PM
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