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Created by ispi > 9 months ago, 21 May 2008
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21 May 2008 11:02PM
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After trying the 137 Tempo and really loving it, I bought a 134 x 40 Carboards Tempo (quad concave) of my own. I rang Dan at Cardboards and asked him for something smaller than the 137 and bigger than the 130. He came back to me in a couple of days with the 134 x 40 which I now own. It was delivered to my doorstep. You just can’t beat these guys for customer service. The quality is first rate, the graphics are awesome and the board is everything I hoped it would be.

The review on the 137 below is dead accurate and I won’t bother rehashing it. I’ve now had 3 powered sessions on my 134 and have to say I’m seriously stoked. The only differences between it and the 137 x 41 is that it’s a little more nimble/agile and being narrower seems to hold a lot more power without fighting the board when its blowing…. The sort of differences you’d expect to notice by dropping a board size.

PROS: In short a super smooth board for landing tricks, hard carving turns with awesome pop. It also seems to really soak up chop and bumps making life on the knees way easier. Good board speed and Good up wind.

CONS: If your after and out and out speed board you will probably have to opt for a free ride model. You’ll get a tiny bit more speed but will have to give away an awful lot of the Tempo’s attributes to get it.

Personally I love the Tempo and wouldn’t change anything about it for myself. I’d really recommend trying one if you get the chance. The quality of the board was absolutely faultless and top rate. I was absolutely wrapped with the Customer Service and technical advice I got from Cardboards and would really like to say a big thanks to Dan in particular for selling me such a fun board….. Cheers.

Below is the previous review on the 137 Tempo I tried:

Cardboards Tempo 137

Got a 3 hr session on a Tempo 137 x 41cm board this week.

Description: Quad concave twin tip, 40mm fins, quite a bit of rocker, reasonably stiff, rounded rails, really nice graphics and fittings and finish.

I was skeptical about this board because at first glance it has a fair amount of rocker which I thought might make the board a bit sluggish and slow…. I was wrong. For whatever reason, this board still has a good low end, gets up and planning fast and gets upwind really well. When well powered this board is surprisingly fast and glides across the water nicely. To my surprise, I would rate this board really highly for everyday all round riding in flat water, chop and surf.


Whilst this board does all the day to day stuff really well, for the advanced rider it is simply awesome.

This thing ate the choppy conditions. Even though it’s quite a stiff board (no, not super stiff), this thing flew through the chop without bouncing around and causing grief to my knees. The rocker also seemed to make the board really forgiving meaning it was almost impossible to nosedive or catch an edge when I was in these difficult conditions. I don’t know whether it’s because of the concave arrangement but the Tempo tracks beautifully and goes wherever you point it without feeling skatey or unstable.

I had so much fun on this thing in what could only be described as crappy conditions. It has to be the easiest board in the world to land. I came out of some ugly kite loops at very strange angles but because the board doesn’t nose dive or catch rails, you get away with a soft landing, good tracking and super forgiving board. Long story short…. You get away with murder on landings !

The Tempo turns beautifully. You can really bury the rail and it bites hard and tracks through as tight a turn as you want without skating/sliding out in the tail. I think the soft rails and ample rocker are responsible for this one but it just feels great to turn or carve. I think this will be a great twin tip for the waves. Because of its responsiveness it feels really lively under foot and is just a great fun unit to ride.

Whilst I only had a few hours on it, and don’t have it dialed in yet (it always takes a while) I don’t think I’ve ridden a board with as much “pop” as this one. It just seems to load up, flick and release so well. I still haven’t worked out what it is technically that gives board good pop but what ever it is, they’ve really got it right here.

I have to admit that personally, I’d really like to see a size between the 130 and 137 which I think would suit me perfectly. I’ll be making enquiries but think that being a “custom” made company, Cardboards shouldn’t have a problem with it. If so, Id say I’ll be buying one for myself as my main all-round board. Apparently you can customize your graphics or choose from a selection as well.

In summary, a great board for the advanced rider in its ability to turn, jump/pop and soak up harsh landings. Surprisingly though, I’d also recommend it to the less experienced as its super forgiving and has all the attributes of a conventional free ride board. Overall a super fun board to ride which I really enjoyed. This would make a great “main” board for anybody. As I said, I was pretty skeptical before riding it but absolutely loved it. If you get a chance, try and get a ride on a Tempo.

I know that this review seems a little hyped (like everything in Kiteboarding) but I only bothered doing a review because I actually thought the Tempo was so good. I’m an average rider, not sponsored by anyone and not associated in any way with Cardboards (although I’ll probably be buying one)

PS: the foot straps have a front and back adjustment which made it really easy to adapt to the shape of my foot… felt really good and got them fitting really well which I usually have a lot of trouble with.

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23 May 2008 12:36PM
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I've been riding a 138x 41 Freeride for a year as a light wind board, mainly in the waves. Very happy with it. After hearing all the hype over the Tempo, particularly the Quad concave I thought I'd have to try one. Always looking for more bite in the turns & a bit more rocker wouldn't go astray either. 137x 41. 3rd sail yesterday, a 4 1/2 hr session, difficult conditions, pretty onshore wind, good size swell & a sweep running against me.
I agree with what you say, it gives you the confidence to go for anything. It's an exciting board.
However with the wind up & down & slowly easing I got my freeride out to do a direct comparison. We've all been there, trying to stay out of trouble in difficult conditions. That bit extra planing & upwind ability can actually count a whole lot. The freeride after all is a very competant board in the waves, or anywhere else. And I wouldn't be surprised if it had a bit easier top end as well. The Tempo does suit an agressive style.
As for which board ? I guess life's pretty good when that's what's keeping you awake at night agonising over.
BTW It's very surprising how much difference subtle changes make. Tempo only has an extra 5mm rocker at tips, same rocker through mid section. Overall dimensions the same really, but Tempo has straighter outline in middle, curvier in the hips, giving a good bit more planing area behind your back foot. I think that's what makes it feel stiffer because checking it out in the shed there seems barely a micky difference in stiffness.
Cheers COL

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5 Jun 2008 2:47PM
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Anyone have their number? The website is down and i want to order one.... Thanks

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5 Jun 2008 8:26PM
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CARDBOARDS: Dan 07 4124 4515


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