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Created by kusu > 9 months ago, 12 Jun 2005
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12 Jun 2005 7:11AM
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Hi, someome asked me in a previous thread to review the carboard/s I use. I think a board is much more difficult to review
as there are not a huge amount of differences in TT shapes these days and it a lot more of a personal preference to what you ride.
But, here you go.
I ride a 138x41 and 130x39. 50mm fins on the 138 and 40mm on the 130.
The boards are very light. I got the 138 in a stiffer flex option which adds a very small bit of weight but they are still very light.

The 138 is a great light wind board for me @ 85kg. I have used it more than the 130 due to the good old Brisbane winds of late.

The quality is 1st rate. I have landed awkwardly alot and really smacked the board in hard and havn't broken them.
In saying that I have only ever broken 2 boards a 132flx and a Hardcore 130.

The concave is very subtle and seems to work very well in smoothing out chop and handling in waves. I would have gone for a soft flex option if I was riding in waves all the time though for a bit more grip and turn in cutbacks etc.

They are bringing out 3 more models to the line up on the website I believe and are the shape/rocker of the ones I have plus a 133x40 from memory - which would be a sweet all round board for me i think.
My other favourite board is a 138 drop ltd which is what I use in surf mostly.

A friend has a 117 cardboard with no heelside fins which I had a go on a while back as well. It surprisingly edges really well without the fins and was a fun ride but too small for me! Felt like
I was tearing around on a skate board like a kid again! All the same alot of fun and I can see how he rides blind so easily!

If anyone wants a spin on the boards they are welcome anytime,

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12 Jun 2005 7:25PM
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133x40 sounds perfect eh - the 138 sounds small but looks big when you actually see it.

i remember you saying something about the low amount of rocker on your boards being custom? is that something that has changed on all their production models now?

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12 Jun 2005 7:45PM
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just on the 3 newer shapes I believe

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13 Jun 2005 9:30AM
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Thanks kusu - I asked.
Two 's
They have 3 flex options I believe Would you know which option compares closest to the 04 FLX
Any ideas on the new 128 x ?? The website says its an ideal ladies board (whatever that means ? - doesnt really matter - Im told Im such a girl so often its probly another advantage )

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13 Jun 2005 11:46AM
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I believe the soft flex option would be the closest to the FLx but email Cardboarding for their opinion.

The new shapes are 133x40, 130x38, 127x36 I think but you would have to check with them on that aswell.


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