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CATAPULT 130 ACE with BINDINGS (cheapish)

Created by kitecrazzzy > 9 months ago, 8 Oct 2006
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8 Oct 2006 6:49PM
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i love this board, unfortunately i had the imperial screws when they were supposet to be metric and have only used the board twice properly.

the board is average in weight although current set up is considered heavy but i like the way it feels in a trick to know were the board is and have more control.

mounting, huge choice of mounting, 3 holes to change stance width and like 10 to change the feet angle

bindings i use are XXL (im size 14.5US-****en massive)

upwind ability on the board is as good or better than most boards i have ridden, i easily made it up wind with the smallest kite out.

pop, very nice to unleash with. i have been getting much higher in my railies with this board and landing aerials feels so much more definite, the bindings provide for more control

edging is great, dig the front in and you can wash off all your speed quikly although this is only needed when you ride over powered as i tend to do when only having an 8 and 13 to chose from

flex, hardly any but it provides a very smooth ride.

different tail, it feels strange at first but once you are not riding in a straight line you feel the difference in handling it makes, the nose/tail slides through the water in switches and carves.

fins are medium sized yet i didn't have any problems like feeling like im running on train tracks

made in AUS!!!!! same place as LF(?), stonker; Harvey bay NSW with a decent amount of carbon fibre around the place

bindings- $350
Board- $710 with fins
Board complete- $850 with pads/straps/handle/fins

i dont make any money from these boards but am a team rider (just so you know the pimping status)

WA, 2184 posts
14 Dec 2006 11:35PM
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had the chance to ride it more and have to say im fully converted to it although still ride my old board while its too shallow to put bindings on at peli

just to add, the board has the ability to swap between straps and bindings easily as the pads are mounted on carbon fibre plates with scratch protection

the bindings specific bag is also the best value on the market imo unless you find one cheaper (dont think you will for a while )

$80 bindings bag
$90 back pack thing, i think it has added features
$70 normal


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