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Cab Contra 13m 2018 - anyone ridden it, pls?

Created by omg 2 months ago, 29 Jan 2019
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29 Jan 2019 12:04AM
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So, still undecided on what to get for as a light wind strapless surfboard freestyle kite.
Does anyone ride 13m Contra 2018 model, which should perform better than the previous models?

Any feedback would be highly appreciated, especially on the float and truning speed and also the lowend.

Thanks very much!

VIC, 1035 posts
6 Feb 2019 12:24PM
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I have only demo'ed earlier Contra's 13/15m . I was less than impressed, but then I usually am with any large kite. Not sure of recent improvements have done.

I think they may be more suited to froiling as their low end grunt is lacking and top end is scary.

At 95 pies I usually can get going on a 10m, surfboard in 13kn if conditions are right (flat water, wind steady and more crossshore), having said that it is boring as bat you know what, and only do it to practice a jybe or two.


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"Cab Contra 13m 2018 - anyone ridden it, pls?" started by omg