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Cabrinha Chaos 2016 line options

Created by Danmurphys 3 months ago, 24 Jan 2017
WA, 227 posts
24 Jan 2017 9:31AM
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Anyone know if the Cab Chaos 2016 can be ridden with a standard 4 line bar?

For example, maybe it can be used without connecting the two leading edge lines or possibly an adapter kit is available to split the front lines and extend the back ones?

NSW, 26 posts
23 Feb 2017 10:42PM
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Had a quick fly on this kite today and id say you probably need the 6 line options, with only 4 the kite will probably lose shape especially when it gets a bit stronger.

conversion kite would probably be a bit difficult because the line actually ends and is larksed onto two other lines.

You could probably experiment with 5 lines too.

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6 Mar 2017 3:06PM
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No, it can't - but you can easily convert the chaos specific bar to a 4 line bar to use on other kites by removing the 2 short sections.

NSW, 10 posts
11 Apr 2017 7:38AM
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There is a conversion kit available from most kiteshops to go from convert an exiting 4 line to 6 line


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