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Cabrinha Switchblade X North Evo 2013

Created by thepudge > 9 months ago, 25 Oct 2014
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25 Oct 2014 8:49AM
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Hi guys
Sorry if i'm not posting in the right place
Could you give me some help choosing between those kites?
I have a Wainman Boss 2012 and i'm learning to unhook on it
Which one is better to unhook?
Those rope centre lines from North bar doesn't hurts the fingers?
Can you give me some pros and cons about them?
Ah, they're both 12.

NSW, 502 posts
25 Oct 2014 9:52PM
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Both are great kites. SB will definitely unhook better but why are you looking at these kites only? If you want to unhook you're better off with a Chaos or Vegas from either North or Cabrinha. Heaps more good options as well. Where are you located, what's the wind like, what level are you at, what board are you riding? Need more info mate.


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"Cabrinha Switchblade X North Evo 2013" started by thepudge