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Cardboards 2007 freeride double concave

Created by Newcastle_Jeff > 9 months ago, 23 Nov 2006
NSW, 7 posts
23 Nov 2006 6:32PM
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Anyone ridden the new Cardboards 2007 Freeride board with double concave? Interested to see how it compares to the Underground FLX double concave boards...

QLD, 181 posts
24 Nov 2006 6:19AM
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I've got a double concave cardboard. Haven't ridden the FLX though. I love the cardboard, you can really flick the board around on top of the water easily - it's superb.

QLD, 68 posts
5 Dec 2006 10:02AM
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They are awsome boards this year, I rode a new one the other day and I think I will be upgrading to one, super flexy and light as.

WA, 782 posts
6 Dec 2006 12:47PM
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Cardboards are very good.

The new pads are specie.
Soft soft the knees.
The wide boards cut through the chop like butter on a hot knife.

WA, 782 posts
6 Dec 2006 10:46PM
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very good

WA, 782 posts
6 Dec 2006 10:47PM
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QLD, 2057 posts
7 Dec 2006 9:17PM
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I have one...138 x 41....awesome in flat water.

Put 2 1/2 inch fins on the back and it's unreal in the waves too.

Excellent pop and soft landings. I would recommend them to anyone.

QLD, 481 posts
8 Dec 2006 6:00AM
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My GF and I both have the new double concave boards......absolutely awesome. Loads of grip and super smooth. Plus the gloss graphics look 5h!t hot!

WA, 158 posts
8 Dec 2006 9:38PM
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I was in the market for a new board so demo'd a few from other manufacturers over a few weeks. Found a couple that I liked, but price was pretty high, so decided to give Cardboards a call and have a chat.

Dan is a great guy to speak to; took the time to explain how their boards are designed and what custom build would best suit me based on the feedback I gave him from riding other boards, plus conditions and my ability. You can talk to him for free using skype, nice and easy!

I went for a 133 x 40 Free ride, double-concave with standard flex and 50mm fins and got my own graphics put on the board (based on one of the original designs they had), much thanks go to Ran for all his efforts on getting the designs together. No additional cost for custom graphics and it's a great way to have a personalised board that is unique.

Super quick turn around from order to receiving the board, 7 days in total.

First day out and I had the biggest smile on my face. Board was exactly what I was after, very light, up on the plane quickly, eats chop and spits it out the back quick as you like, upwind performance is stunning. The ride is exceptionally smooth, even in rough conditions, with plenty of grip and just the right amount of flex to not smash your knees on every bump, but still keep contact with the water.

I've had the board for about 4 weeks now and ridden it in a variety of winds (12 - 28 knots) and in nasty chop and butter flat and it performs perfect all the time.

I've got an extra 2-3 knots bottom end out of my kites, compared to my old board (though that was getting on a bit) so a great result.

These boards absolutely rock, right up there with everyone else in terms of quality and performance, but for a much more reasonable price, bang for buck they are tops. Highly recommended!

BTW I have no connection with Cardboards, just a regular customer who paid full price for the board.


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