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Cardboards 2007/08 stuff

Created by NJPornstar > 9 months ago, 6 Oct 2007
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6 Oct 2007 1:20PM
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Just got my new cardboard and Im stoked.
Check out see the latest news and you will see the deck pads in 08 range is out. He has done a great job designing them.
The pads are easier than normal to put together.
Sticky foot pads. Great for throwing hard into tricks.
You can also stash your board tool in the strap!!!!

To my NEW board.
About 3 years ago I got my 133 x 40 shaped up and I was 80 -85 kgs. This board was really good for my weight and what I was doing. Lately my wetsuit has got thicker due to global cooling.....And my landings are more heavy. The small skatie board wasnt doing the job.

So I have gone to a more gunny custom shape 143 x 40 Same tips shape/area as my 133.
Had my first ride yesterday. Geezus! My upwind angle is much higher, my tacks are 1/3 shorter and I can easily go up wind in light wind when the polesurfers are sinking up to their knees.
This new board is my all wind board! I use a larger board wave riding in super strong wind so this freestyle board will be fine.

Dan has made another quality shape with double concaves in the right spot and really nice flex for my weight. If your around 6'1" this is your all round free style/free ride board. Im totally wrapped I instantly started landing tricks I found a bit hard cause my board was too skatie on landings. Get in touch with him if your interested in this shape.

The technology is better than what you will find from most overseas brands, without the added price. Materials are top notch, PBT top and bottom sheets and ABS rails, Pressed like a snowboard.
Another nice board Dan!!

I forgot to mention. The 133 and 143 are the guaranteed best combinations with the Australian brand NEW kites. (Strong wind specialist)
Speak to Dan for your own custom graphics.


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