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Cardboards FR136

Created by dusta > 9 months ago, 9 Jan 2011
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9 Jan 2011 10:14PM
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Rider: 100kg , intermediate
Style: Freeriding
Build Quality: 10/10
Satisfaction: 10/10
Disclosure: just some noob

My Comments:

I purchased a 136FR with standard flex late last year but haven't really had a chance to really spend some time on it until after xmas . Well i have to say i am in absolute love with this board . It soaks up the chop so nicely that my knees don't feel a thing . I love the weight of this board and the looks . Tracks upwind fantastic as well . I must mention that dan was very easy and friendly to deal with over the phone and i felt at ease i was going to get a great board . My only issue is with the pads. I just cannot get used to them , even after shortening the tounge to make them smaller , they just don't fit my feet but hey **** happens .

This board suits me on both the river and out in the ocean . I can see this board lasting me a while and if i do want to purchase another board i will defaintely be looking at dan first off . Happy to support a local business where the dollar actually stops here and produces such a high quality board . Wish the review was a little more detail but i am knackered after a wikid session .

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10 Jan 2011 1:57PM
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WOW! Graphic's are awesome!

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10 Jan 2011 1:36PM
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Hey Dusta,

The FR136 is my Fave board for crappy conditions like Pinnaroo. So easy to ride with huge pop, and great upwind, smooth carves. I love the feel of it and the feel that it just wants to cut loose and go off when you are ready, otherwise very predictable and smooth.

I prefer the Tempo for smoother waters, but the FR is gold in the rough stuff. For peeps not worried about freestyle performance the Tyro is gold, just an easy smooth freerider.

Good stuff with the CB gear!


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19 Jan 2011 3:55PM
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Graphics look s**t hot mate ,love it ,been riding the 131 fr for the last couple of months ,gotta say its one of the sickest boards i've ever ridden,got a 136 as well but haven't got it wet yet cant wait.


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