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Cardboards Tempo 137

Created by STFUBBQ > 9 months ago, 16 Apr 2008
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16 Apr 2008 4:26PM
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Got a 3 hr session on a Tempo 137 x 41cm board this week.

Description: Quad concave twin tip, 40mm fins, quite a bit of rocker, reasonably stiff, rounded rails, really nice graphics and fittings and finish.

I was skeptical about this board because at first glance it has a fair amount of rocker which I thought might make the board a bit sluggish and slow…. I was wrong. For whatever reason, this board still has a good low end, gets up and planning fast and gets upwind really well. When well powered this board is surprisingly fast and glides across the water nicely. To my surprise, I would rate this board really highly for everyday all round riding in flat water, chop and surf.


Whilst this board does all the day to day stuff really well, for the advanced rider it is simply awesome.

This thing ate the choppy conditions. Even though it’s quite a stiff board (no, not super stiff), this thing flew through the chop without bouncing around and causing grief to my knees. The rocker also seemed to make the board really forgiving meaning it was almost impossible to nosedive or catch an edge when I was in these difficult conditions. I don’t know whether it’s because of the concave arrangement but the Tempo tracks beautifully and goes wherever you point it without feeling skatey or unstable.

I had so much fun on this thing in what could only be described as crappy conditions. It has to be the easiest board in the world to land. I came out of some ugly kite loops at very strange angles but because the board doesn’t nose dive or catch rails, you get away with a soft landing, good tracking and super forgiving board. Long story short…. You get away with murder on landings !

The Tempo turns beautifully. You can really bury the rail and it bites hard and tracks through as tight a turn as you want without skating/sliding out in the tail. I think the soft rails and ample rocker are responsible for this one but it just feels great to turn or carve. I think this will be a great twin tip for the waves. Because of its responsiveness it feels really lively under foot and is just a great fun unit to ride.

Whilst I only had a few hours on it, and don’t have it dialed in yet (it always takes a while) I don’t think I’ve ridden a board with as much “pop” as this one. It just seems to load up, flick and release so well. I still haven’t worked out what it is technically that gives board good pop but what ever it is, they’ve really got it right here.

I have to admit that personally, I’d really like to see a size between the 130 and 137 which I think would suit me perfectly. I’ll be making enquiries but think that being a “custom” made company, Cardboards shouldn’t have a problem with it. If so, Id say I’ll d be buying one for myself as my main all-round board. Apparently you can customize your graphics or choose from a selection as well.

In summary, a great board for the advanced rider in its ability to turn, jump/pop and soak up harsh landings. Surprisingly though, I’d also recommend it to the less experienced as its super forgiving and has all the attributes of a conventional free ride board. Overall a super fun board to ride which I really enjoyed. This would make a great “main” board for anybody. As I said, I was pretty skeptical before riding it but absolutely loved it. If you get a chance, try and get a ride on a Tempo.

I know that this review seems a little hyped (like everything in Kiteboarding) but I only bothered doing a review because I actually thought the Tempo was so good. I’m an average rider, not sponsored by anyone and not associated in any way with Cardboards (although I’ll probably be buying one)

PS: the foot straps have a front and back adjustment which made it really easy to adapt to the shape of my foot… felt really good and got them fitting really well which I usually have a lot of trouble with.

QLD, 1203 posts
17 Apr 2008 1:31PM
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I agree with everything there...



QLD, 118 posts
18 Apr 2008 1:32PM
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Likewise I agree exactly and have the same board.

WA, 153 posts
19 Apr 2008 11:13AM
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Does anyone have one of these Tempos in WA and would let me have a go to check em out?
Are there any dealers in WA?
Heard a lot about them but wouldn't buy one without giving it a go first.

NSW, 59 posts
22 Apr 2008 10:36PM
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well as a matter of fact, i do have one, i am in WA and i can tell you all about the sexy graphics, the excellent service etc etc. what i cant ell you about is how it rides. because since i placed my order not quite a month ago. i am yet to see wind over 12kts. in fact that was only for an hour at sunset yesterday.

thats one month since my pump got a work out, not even sure i remember how to it.

but there is a dying cyclone off the cocos, so if it can do the right thing and swing on by, i will be having a day off work, going night kiting in shark infested dampier. i dont care. i want wind.

sorry will be in perth may 4 or 5. msg me if you want a look see.


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