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Caution Mayhem

Created by BrisKites > 9 months ago, 30 Jan 2008
QLD, 1237 posts
30 Jan 2008 5:48PM
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Here's a Mayhem review that was posted on kiteforum recently-

I've had the opportunity to spend some time (around 6hrs) on the new Caution Mayhems in 9m and 11m & *%&%^ these are superb kites. Most sessions have been between 15kt - 25kt with varying surf conditions from flat to overhead.
I wouldnlt say that I've tested the top end or bottom end range of either size as yet but more like the "sweet spot".

In typical Caution fasion, there are no bumps, lumps, protrusions or other "aerodynamic" changes that are obvious to the eye and they look very "normal".
The performance however is anything but normal. Aside from myself, there have been a number of other people trying these kites out and the response from everyone so far has been unanimous praise for the Mayhem. The riders trying them out have come from a wide range of products that they currently ride (Naish, North, Sling, GK, Caution, Eclipse).

The Mayhem is easily one of the best jumping kites out there and aside from the massive lift it also has great hang time and float for gentle landings. Often, kites that offer one of these characteristics are lacking in the other but the Mayhem has got the perfect combination this time around.
The bar feel is excellent and although the kites are super fast they are not 'twitchy" at all and you really feel encouraged to push everything a little harder because just feels very predictable and controlable.
There is loads of pop for no whip and wakestyle stuff and although I'm not into unhooked moves I could not get the kites to backstall from over sheeting, so they should be ok for that as well.

For wave riding the kite is super stable and the "drift" is great when going down the line. There is no tendancy to fall out of the sky, even in moments when the lines are completely slack.
The turning speeds are plenty quick enough for absolutely any wave riding situation.

There is an option to adjust the turning speed and even more stability for beginners.

The bar is typically Caution. Plain & simple but very functional. I believe there are some bar changes that are not on the ones I have.
The bag is pretty basic & nothing to get exited about but I suppose I'll get over that as I don't fly the bag.

Remembering that guys flying other brands have all had very positive comments on the Mayhem I'll keep it clean by only comparing directly to the Answer II as follows:

More height in jumps
Longer hang time in jumps
More "float"
More pop
Larger "sweet spot" on sheeting motion
Faster & smoother turning
Improved stability

Hopefully the info is useful for anyone waiting for info on the Mayhems

Original review is here-

VIC, 484 posts
31 Jan 2008 2:23AM
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hey look, it's a GK sonic from 2006 with slightly different tips. sweet!

QLD, 1237 posts
31 Jan 2008 6:06PM
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Jokes yeah???

Come and fly one Tomorrow Niel.

Caution Kite
QLD, 9 posts
1 Feb 2008 1:39AM
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I think if you look at the strut placement and the distance the bridle begins from the rear lines you will notice this kite is nothing like a Sonic.
And no it doesn't fly anything like a 06 Sonic.
The Mayhem jumps higher, hangs longer, is better behaved, built stronger, doesn't back stall etc, etc......

WA, 644 posts
1 Feb 2008 2:16AM
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Caution Kite said...

is better behaved

that's a pretty big statement considering the sonics performance.... The last caution kite i saw was heading over the dunes like a riderless horse at the grand national.

Caution Kite
QLD, 9 posts
1 Feb 2008 9:33AM
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Sounds like a user issue, unless kites have a mind of thier own. Not bagging GK, just making my personal observations on the differences.

Caution Kite
QLD, 9 posts
4 Feb 2008 11:39AM
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We should have some kites in WA in a couple of weeks Meercat. Why not try one for yourself?

north mad
QLD, 5 posts
5 Feb 2008 12:42AM
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this kite is pretty good .turns on a dime and hang time was nice i would have like a bit more wind 16/18 knts .love the short bridle ,nice bar pressure 2

QLD, 32 posts
24 Feb 2008 3:23PM
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Found this cool promo video on thier site. That orange 14m turns fast.


QLD, 50 posts
24 Feb 2008 9:37PM
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Sorry to say but I doubt Caution will ever regain confidence in the market again.


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