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Core Bolt2 2017!

Created by AntKite > 9 months ago, 23 Aug 2017
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23 Aug 2017 6:51PM
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Core Bolt2 136cm review:
-65kg, 15yo

The Bolt2 is the absolute perfect board for boots and hitting rails or mixing up your kiting skills at the cable park. Very good to have the P-tex grind base bottom to fix any sort of deep scratches and cuts. It's got more rocker then all the other boards in the core line up to give soft landing while slightly increasing the effort of going up wind in light conditions. The edge of the board is sharp to give some insane grip on the water when riding finless. It seems like a very robust board that can handle as many crashes you need to dial that new trick on the sketchiest device you have made. I have been guilty of grinding the rail of the board on sand sometimes but with the slider base it is no problem and if it ever gets that bad you can flip the board around as the screw holes are centered in the board. With the wakestyle fins that come with the board it gives very good boosting capability and loads control in high winds.

In my oponion the Bolt 2 is the best looking board out on the market being perfect for anyone that rides boots. A similar board with a similar sort of feel is the choice 2 which allows straps or boots but doesn't have a slider base. Big congrats to core with the new boards out for 2017!

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