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Core Fusion LW Twin Tip

Created by Lorgra > 9 months ago, 6 Jan 2014
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6 Jan 2014 3:05PM
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Anyone tried one?

If so, what was it like?


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8 Jan 2014 8:16PM
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Disclosure - kitepower team rider.
Fusion twintipin one word =classy!
Loves chop. Great pop. Everyone that rides one at the demo days falls in love with it
Have ridden 134 and 137. And they are quite different. 137 more stable. 134 lively.
Channeling on base makes for smooth landings and tracks like a dream.
Definitely worth a demo ride imho. Haven't got on the lw model yet, but based on the smaller ones it should be super smooth. Base is slightly flatter.


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"Core Fusion LW Twin Tip" started by Lorgra