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Core GTS3

Created by kitebt > 9 months ago, 16 Aug 2014
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16 Aug 2014 5:31AM
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I have recently purchased a Core GTS3 so I thought I would write a review on the things I really like with this kite. I now live in Sthn California and needed a bigger kite so went with the GTS3 14m in order to cope with my hefty 110kg frame.

I was a little nervous in going for a C kite design but to be honest the GTS3 is not IMO a C kite even though Core are calling it a Next Gen C Kite. IMO Core have done a great job with the bridle design of this kite which gives it C Kite characteristics with a much better wind range and versatility.

I love this kite. It is a very stable kite and the connection I feel with the kite on the water is better than any kite i have ever flown. It's boosting potential is beyond anything else I have ridden and for riding hooked or unhooked it really does deliver the kind of feedback you would want from a good freestyle kite.

The bar delivers great connection and good feedback without being overly heavy but if you are used to really light bar pressure then you may not like how much pull and pressure you get from GTS3. Personally with the way I ride I prefer a slightly heavier bar with good pressure and feedback and this kite delivers that.

I also have a Core Riot XR3 and the bar pressure is much more direct in the GTS3. From a design and material perspective it is Core all over. Solid material, great inflation and deflation mechanism and solid construction.

Wind range is very good as well. I have been riding the kite in the 16 - 23knot wind range and even when fully de-powered I am getting great feedback through the bar and the kite continues to turn really well and loops really well.

Overall for anyone who wants to do hooked and unhooked freestyle riding then give the kite a go. I have not taken it into the surf as yet but will shortly and will add some feedback once i have.


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