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Fins for Axis Rakau

Created by shbrown A week ago, 4 Nov 2019
NSW, 16 posts
4 Nov 2019 12:38PM
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Hi all,

I've been riding my Axis Rakau strapless for ~3 years with the stock Future F4 fins in a thruster setup. I think it's time for me to upgrade the fins. Any ideas for fin choice? I prefer the board as thruster, use it both 7m - 12m surf kites, usually side-on shore in 2-6 ft beach breaks (NSW). Nothing 'off-the-lip' or airs, always strapless. Upwind performance is important, otherwise I spend most of my session trucking back upwind after a good set of waves.

Current fins:



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"Fins for Axis Rakau" started by shbrown