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Flysurfer Flyradical 46 Wide test rides.

Created by SavIb 27 days ago, 23 Jun 2019
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23 Jun 2019 11:06AM
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Anyone had a ride on the largest Flyradical? I'd be using it as a new daily driver for Freeride. Now it's back to a full wood core it could be a good option for the heavyweight crew.

Not much to read about that size online..... So if you have been on one, any version, I'd like to know your thoughts. If you could just add your weight, session power level and water conditions to the mix (assuming you remember) I'd appreciate it. Cheers.

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Tuesday , 16 Jul 2019 6:54AM
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Can't comment on the biggest size as not ridden one. I have the radical 6 138 now though. 42.5 wide. I had the flyradical 5 138 previously. I found it a nice board but I felt it stuck to the surface of the water too much and delta little gravely across the water surface at times. This made the board feel a little slow.
The new radical 6 has modern channels like all the freestyle top boards do. This helps the board channel the water and gives it a smoother ride in my opinion. It is lovely across the surface no more gravely feel. It also feels faster to me. There is a little more stiffness in the board and it feels easier to edge and a little more springy when boosting and jumping. I wish they did a 136 percent n a slightly thinner 41 as I think after 40 -41 wide the boards gets slower. The next size down from the 138 is a 133 which is 40 wide but I I consider that length too small for me as prefer slightly longer boards.
The rsdical 6 is definitely a cracking upgrade on the 5 and am really happy with it. Still super efficient and starts really early but runs faster.
Still very light and great board for free ride and airstyle. :-) really happy with mine.


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"Flysurfer Flyradical 46 Wide test rides." started by SavIb