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Getting the Quiver sorted!

Created by Scarboroughmonk 5 months ago, 1 May 2017
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1 May 2017 1:02PM
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Afternoon legends.

Current situation.
79kgs, 187cm
Local Scarborough, riding a 9m switchblade, mainly freestyle and would like to get into wave riding a lot more. Grant street Cott to scarbs downwinders.

I have a airrush twin tip (boots and straps) and Converse surf style directional board.

So ive been looking into getting a all round kite option for wave and freestyle. Slingshot RPM has been a massive stand out - I have demoed the north dice (also a dope kite, great control system), rpm and I currently ride a switchy 9m ... I did froth hard on the RPM quick turns and smooth power. I've never had the pleasure to demo a wave kite. What's the main difference and would it be better for progression to have a purpose kite for each style. I will be coving viarable winds and traveling around Australia aswell... id love to go out and get a 7,9 and 12 in both diciplens - but my account balance isn't agreeing with that ????

cheers in advance for any guidance and keep stoked ??


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"Getting the Quiver sorted!" started by Scarboroughmonk