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Griffin TRX Pro 12m 2014

Created by bigtone667 > 9 months ago, 10 Feb 2014
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10 Feb 2014 11:00AM
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Griffin TRX Pro 12 metre

Rider: 95kg, Level (beginner)
Style: Freeride and small surf
Weather: 20-25 knots (two hour session in the flat and small surf at Swansea Channel, one hour session at Norah Head)
Build Quality: 9/10 Very satisfied. Lose one point for the screw type inflation valve (it's slow pumping up the kite)
Satisfaction: 10/10 Awesomely Fast Machine, Great Air
Disclosure: None

Having watched Mr Angy Koala rip around on his 10.5m TRX, I was inspired to grab a 12m equivalent and give it a go.
A number of seabreeze articles commented on the speed of the kite, the drifting ability and recommendations for surf riding.

I started on the flat water with my North Nugget doing some speed runs and little pops and this kite really moves quickly (ie don't look away too long). I got the best speed and biggest airs I have ever got from this kite. For jumping, it really moves to twelve very quickly and has some nice float. All my landings were very soft.

The bar pressure was a little bit more than I was used to, but I could feel and then see the kite fly better with changes in pressure (it was very responsive). It actually felt like I was sailing.

I then worked my way up into the Swansea Channel into two/three foot runners racing a fellow kiter on a twin tip and mowed him down both in speed and upwind ability (thank you Mr Nugget and Mr Griffin).

Hopped into surf with the wind being effectively on-shore and had the opportunity to test the drift. The kite drift is quite good, it was happy to sit and drift downwind of me at the same speed as the wave. Quick flick of the wrist and it would launch itself back into the edge of the wind window to give me power again. It turns as fast the 8m Rally I have.

At Norah Head, I was able to get onto some of unbroken three foot swell coming in between the rock reef with the wind being more side shore. The kite pulled me along the face of wave really nicely. It was great fun with some awesome stacks.

My experience is with Cab Vectors (12, 14) and a Drifter (11), and I think the 12m TRX will certainly take the place of the 12 Vector and 11 Drifter.

Re-launch is really good too. I almost ran over a jetski and in dodging him I dropped kite into the water (ie don't look away too long). The kite re-launched really easily.

Picked up the kite from Chris and he was really helpful setting up the kite for my weight and type of riding.


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