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Harnesses with safety release on the rope at the back

Created by bramber 4 months ago, 27 Feb 2018
VIC, 39 posts
27 Feb 2018 11:55AM
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Now I know there's a fair consensus that you should never connect the kite safety leash to the rope existing on the back of most kite harnesses, with good reason.

However is it ok to attach if the harness rope also has a safety release? Do these actually work in reality? If so why arent they more popular? Surely this way it gives the best of both worlds, safety and safety leash freedom?

So far I have only found this one:

Are there any others?

WA, 1094 posts
27 Feb 2018 9:03PM
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Liquid force used to

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27 Feb 2018 9:44PM
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The old Prolimit Kitewaist Pro harness had them. Think they have dropped them since.

I kind of get the idea they are a solution looking for a problem. If Hadlow can ride and do handlepasses without needing to leash at the back - why does anyone need to do it? I always thought the handle at the back was for holding someone down when they launch massively overpowered going for that new woo record


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"Harnesses with safety release on the rope at the back" started by bramber