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Kite Impact Vests

Created by dowls > 9 months ago, 15 Nov 2011
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15 Nov 2011 4:05PM
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Impact vests, I've noticed them being worn and the last review was about a year ago.
Appreciate different bodies and harness styles will suit different brands but has one type proved its self to the seasoned kiters.
Would like some floatation and I'm not sure of PDF regulations but the Rip Curl Tow Surf Vest is really bulky.
Using a waist harness so would like Impact Vest to suit.

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15 Nov 2011 1:37PM
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Hi Dowls,

We have the Flying Objects vests. They are low profile and are comfortable to wear. They fit neatly with a waist harness and when sized correctly, don't ride up or get in the way. They kinda make you feel bullet proof.

They are not PFD rated. In order to be PFD rated, they need to support your weight which means displacing x amount of cubic inches of space with foam or what-have-you. This will add bulk.

The thing with PFD too is there are three different ratings PFD Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. Type one is the only one appropriate for open ocean. Type 2 is suitable for sheltered waters like rivers etc where there is not big chop. Type 3 is same as Type 2 but in trendy colours like black and blue etc. All Type 1 and 2 have to be high visibility ie yellow/orange and with reflectors etc.

If you want floatation and minimal impact on your comfort and restriction, you need to wear a Type 2 or 3 in a sie or two smaller to make it tight fitting otherwise they ride up and get in the way. They also don't work with waist harnies. The smaller size and type 2 or 3 will not be adequate enough to float you as they are designed but it may help.

Ask yourself what you really want from the vest in order to make an intelligent decision as to what will suit you best.



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