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LF m80 or LF spec II 05

Created by dolagobla1 > 9 months ago, 13 Mar 2006
SA, 74 posts
13 Mar 2006 11:07AM
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Whats the diff and which is the better of the 2 any help
looking to buy

75kg m
ocean rodeo bronko9
best nem 10 14

WA, 449 posts
13 Mar 2006 9:01AM
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I think the m80 is a bit lower aspect as its designed for surfing, personally i have a 10m spec 2 and love it

QLD, 116 posts
13 Mar 2006 2:48PM
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I've got a 12m spectrum II. All I can say is that it's a great kite with top-notch build quality!

WA, 1092 posts
13 Mar 2006 2:07PM
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M-80S are lower aspect to the spectrums but are much more stable.
not saying speccie 11s are bad, but the m-80s are sic and you dont have to worry bout em.
now depends what you are into but if you wanna ride waves then the
m-80 doesnt pull u off ur edge like the higher aspect kites like the spectrum does when you go into a bottom turn.

also if it is truckloads of power n grunt for popping and jumping then m-80s are better. the spectrum 11's jump higher tho if you are looking to boost.

the bar is heeeps better on the m-80s, but then its 5 line.

if u are in perth you can have a go of my 12m m-80 i have for sale.
i went to them after the spectrum 11s.
i am just selling my big kite.


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"LF m80 or LF spec II 05" started by dolagobla1