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Light Wind & Big Boy Twintips Ocean Rodeo Origin

Created by pattiecannon > 9 months ago, 27 Feb 2015
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27 Feb 2015 11:00AM
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Rider: 75kg
Style: Freeriding, Surf
Weather: 10-12 kts SSE - Favourable water flow on inside :) but you still got waves...2-3ft Easterly Swell
Build Quality: 8/10 All Paulonia wood core, ABS Rails.
Satisfaction: 9/10
Disclosure: I teach with Ocean Rodeo gear

2015 - 159 x 46cm Lite - 142 x 47cm Origin & 10m OR Razor 2011 with Cabrinha Overdrivex1 Bar

Been riding these boards for 3months now.
First day I got them I rode the 12m Prodigy in the broadwater in 8 kts.
On this day the Lite stayed up wind and even allowed a couple of rolls, the Origin got going but was having me walk.

Last Wednesday, as you can see is pretty light.
A Core XR2 17m with a shinn monk was losing ground & walking and I was flying a 10m 2011 OR Razor, upwind on these TT's.
On the Origin I could hold ground without moves but with 'em I was walking. The Razor is a pretty quick kite and maybe a little more grunty than your average 10. It is very direct and fast. The Lite was holding ground easily, with moves, and I was washing ground due to the rocks just to the Sth. Not a bad 11kts average for a 10m kite.

I have a Shinn King Gee 146x46cm which is an awesome TT and cuts chop better than the Origin, but it is not as fast on the plane or on the turn. These Origin's are springy enough to be kind to knees, with nice pads but they feel very direct when going for the carve which, I feel, gives you more control and speed to get out of the white water or throw that pop. The Lite doesn't carve, lol, though I'm working on it, but what it does do is get you lot's of speed so you can launch with a "send" or a kicker.

I rated construction only 8 as the pads are a little whimpy IMHO and come unscrewed every now and then. Also the Origins original fins are around 57mm and the board didn't feel right so I changed over to 47's and now it rocks. However on the whole I am stoked on these. I have nearly doubled the sessions I can have in these lazy summer winds with the Lite. Also, on some of the "flat" landings I have taken with the Lite, and the noise they made, I seriously expected it to snap. So far so good.
Earlier in the week I rode 17-20kts in the broadwater on an 8m 2015 Razor and the Origin and was making more ground than all the 10 & 12m's on regular TT's. There was even a guy out on a 17m edge! The Razor's speed and steady draw, definitely give them a better low end than a lot of smaller kites. (This is qld\nsw, so 8m is small!

Any how, a picture tells a thousand words, enjoy

Pictures courtesy of Bazza McIntosh.


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