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M8 Super Lightwind [board]

Created by kitecrazzzy > 9 months ago, 4 Oct 2007
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4 Oct 2007 12:00AM
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Imagine having to come into the beach 30min before you intended to due to the wind dropping off... now imagine there is a board designed to keep you going in those conditions waiting on the shore for you to demo.
well i had that experience today and would have to say the fact i was going up wind in what the graph says was 11 gusting to 12 [there weren't white caps] and i was on an 11m waroo that i had set up wrong [too much tension on the back lines] is very impressive.

I would say ive only had that sort of light wind performance once before and that was on a 2m mutant and 15m rhino but back to how the board handles:
its not heavy on your feet but out of the air you can feel how big it is. the back foot doesnt have much control unfortunately so a real deap carve would leave your calf getting dragged through the water and ruins the hydrodynamics. you feel like your being pushed upwind from the support you get from the large surface area.
if priced right this board could save buying a large kite for flat water use but it has strong competition for price from the 08 glide that is one massive creation.

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4 Oct 2007 1:13PM
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I totally agree.Sik for light wind and good top end speed.
The board I rode is only a proto and will be refined a bit.

Honestly I thought it wasnt possible to kite under 15knots with a 14m and a twin tip. Normally dont even concider going to the beach for this light wind strength.

And bugger me! with this super fast wide board my 14 became the up wind champion in almost glassy conditions, I could also sit on top speed!

Totally recommend 46cm wide twin tips for light breezey freestyle.
It actually works up to 20knots of wind but is alittle hard toe side cause its wide.


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