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Mystic majestic v ion apex select

Created by ste > 9 months ago, 20 Aug 2016
WA, 391 posts
20 Aug 2016 12:31PM
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Tossing up between these two, anybody have any experience on these harnesses? Lots of jumping.
Much appreciated.

WA, 7044 posts
20 Aug 2016 5:14PM
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Had the mystic warrior and boa for years
Had the ion matrix for a couple of sessions,
I did try the ride engine on , that felt sweet but the wasn't any wind, the manera by fine gets great reviews too, the engine harness isn't too badly priced now, $400 when I looked for the new model, that's around $100 ish more than a decent standard harness, carnt see why they cost more as a manufacturing view

QLD, 520 posts
21 Aug 2016 6:59PM
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Iv got mystic worrior, before that i had ion apex and before that ion rival. Both the ion ones only lasted me a season each. I recon thats Not good enough with a price tag like they have. Only had the mystic for 6 months no signs of damage yet. the mystic one is definetly more comfy its really nice. Id go mystic.

QLD, 123 posts
21 Aug 2016 7:13PM
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I have had the ion apex liked the harness but lasted a year or so the apex select i then bought but found the extra support and moulding on the inside actually gave me more pain so now have a maxtrixx wicb has been my favorite


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