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Need - Ozone c4 V6 feedback

Created by prastis 9 months ago, 20 May 2018
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20 May 2018 5:00PM
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Hey guys!

I wanted your opinion on the latest c4 V6 as I found a very good deal for them and I want to upgrade my 12m catalyst 2014.

I am not a wakestyle rider yet (although) I aspire to get into unhooking as well as jumps and loops.

I guess will be running the kite on 4lines for the most part until I get better and maybe add the 5th line.

Is anyone using the c4 as a non wakestyle kite to give some feedback? Obviously I will start unhooking with it and that is my intention but I want to know how good could it be for other purposes as well.

At the moment I jump, backrolls, frontrolls and some railes hooked in.

Unfortunately I couldn't find much feedback on the net hence my post here.

Thank you in advance.


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22 May 2018 7:54PM
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pretty sure you will find a few guys are useing em to ride waves even man. They are a nice kite to fly. Unreal slackline once you get to unhooking. Will make everything a breeze. Well made. I dont see many in my shop. If its a good deal. jump on it man!

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22 May 2018 9:19PM
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I've got older 2012 C4s and some V2 Enduros. The C4s are a nice kite, great for loops, and have a more raw power delivery, great when in the
sweet spot in the wind range and make me want to go flat out for the whole session. The Enduros are smooth and a real easy kite to get on with in all conditions and a more usable wind range, perform when you demand them and cruise the rest.

If I had a kite like the Enduros or older Catalyst from the start, I would probably be a better kiter by now.

Consider what is going to hold you back, and unless you are doing double handle passes, maybe the C4 is not what you need.

Having said that I will likely be keeping my C4s until they fall to pieces. If you still want that type of kite, go for it!


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