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Neil pride tracker short harness

Created by apepene43 31 days ago, 14 Sep 2019
QLD, 101 posts
14 Sep 2019 11:15AM
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hi just wondering if any one has tried this harness my ion b2 harness needs replacing any one have any comparison to the ion b2 looks like the Neil pride has pivot hook of some description I see the Dakine has some as well thanks for any info

NSW, 327 posts
15 Sep 2019 8:11PM
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I have the NP 3D waist with pivoting spreader hook.
Hook pivots 180 degrees allowing great freedom similar to a sliding ring spreader bars say like on Ride engine and others hard shell harnesses.
Been using it for wave ,foil & TTip great fit for lower back.
Plus not hard shell which are a bugger for travel packing.
12 mths so far.
The NP shorts would work with pivoting hook.
Just can't get off my NP 3 D waist with pivoting Hook.


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"Neil pride tracker short harness" started by apepene43