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North Dice kite with slingshot 4 line bar

Created by AidanT > 9 months ago, 17 Feb 2014
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17 Feb 2014 4:05PM
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Howdy folks,

Just wondering has anyone ever tried this? I'm a bit bummed with the north bar and lines, for such a ridiculous price tag they are wearing fast...

I liked my slingshot 4 line bar with center swivel, is there any reason why I couldn't hook this onto the Dice using the 4 line setup? The lines are a bit shorter I think on the slingshot, what effect would this have? Also safety flags to a single line on the slingshot bar, I can't see an issue with this, think I prefer it to dual line flagging...

Anyone thought of trying this? Or see any issues?


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"North Dice kite with slingshot 4 line bar" started by AidanT