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North Mono 12m Low End True or False

Created by sonny2727 > 9 months ago, 22 Sep 2017
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22 Sep 2017 10:08AM
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checked this on the North website and hard to believe...has anyone tried Mono 12 or 15 under 10kts...I have Mono 12m but so far only downwind under 10kts on WAM , perhaps below is for Nugget type of directional

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22 Sep 2017 9:25AM
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Hi Sonny,

You have to read between the lines and understand that wind ranges posted by any manufacturer are used as marketing tools.

You also have to understand that 10 knots of cold dense wind with a lightweight rider in shallow/flat water with no current is achievable on a twin tip with any modern delta shape 12m kite...but definitely not in a hot sea breeze with a heavier rider in open ocean with current.

Just look at any video promoting how good any kite is in light wind on a twin tip, it's always a light rider in flat water.

In a way, no wind range can actually be true or false. Wind range depends on SOOOO many different factors.

Every light wind day is different, every location is different, you have to factor your skill level, board size, board type, etc.


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22 Sep 2017 1:01PM
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Once again correct concise and valuable contribution from cbulota

I commend you Sir

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22 Sep 2017 2:39PM
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Hi Sonny,

Cbulota is correct in what he says and I agree with the wind range, However ... Most "Directional" boards are surfboards. In order for a surfboard to work well on a wave it needs a lot of tail rocker and usually has 3 or 4 fins all with "Toe in" which creates drag. A directional board like a SHinn Shinnster or the North Nugget, will give you the most efficient tail rocker for early planing and least amount of drag. Surfboards are usually pretty crap at light wind kiting.

The important thing for the kite is not so much the power (although this is important), but is more dependant on the low wind it can fly in. A North Mono is a VERY lightweight kite which flies effortlessly in winds under 10 knots. The problem begins in the initial power dive where the kite heads towards the water. You are usually taking off slightly downwind to create speed and get planing. The downwind speed takes away from your relative wind speed giving you an apparent wind speed of potentially half of the relative wind speed. Once the kite heads towards the water and is at the bottom of the power stroke, you crank a turn which almost stalls the kite. At this point, the kite needs to lift it's own weight and accelerate back to 12 o'clock whilst being at an extreme angle of attack (High stall condition).

So for 10 knots relative wind, and 5 knots downwind speed you could have as little as 5 knots at the bottom of the stroke, I'm sure you can see why heavier kites don't work so well. The lighter the kite, the better they fly in light winds.

Rider skill is also the biggest factor in determining absolute bottom end and suitability of equipment for light wind kiting.


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1 Oct 2017 11:16PM
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I have had a Mono 12 a season. Been using it to hydrofoil down to 8-10 knots, been out a few times on my surfboard in light winds.
Works well in 12 knots and up on SB. No current, air Temps 10c to 18c.
I'm 78kg dry, but wearing full wetsuit.

On my Hydrofoil, I'm doing 35km/hr in 12 knots wind on the Mono 12. It's a powerful 12m kite, more power than my Core XR3 12m.
But not the top end.


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