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North Mono Kite

Created by coastflyer > 9 months ago, 10 Feb 2017
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10 Apr 2017 10:39PM
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Young Breezy - I have ridden both the Mono 12 metre and the Pivot 10 metre. Look I think getting a bigger board and keeping your 10 Pivot would be better. I really did not click with the mono on a surfboard but loved the Pivot and Nugget (ligth wind wave board) set up.

I could understand the Mono on paper but it did not stay in the air awesome like everyone says (maybe I demoed it on a gusty on off day). Look my mate has one and loves it but I ride a Blade Trigger and I want to get a pivot set up soon. I tried the new ones including the slash and they are really good.

Just my 2 cents

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14 Apr 2017 7:44PM
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Thanks for the replys guys, happy g I do actually have a nugget and this coupled with the 10m pivot gets me down to pretty low winds basically into real light wind kite territory, I also have a 15m turbine which is good but it's kinda overkill as I don't really go for really really light conditions and most of the time I'm on the turbine im overpowered ( at least with the surfboard)

I just really like the idea of the mono for waves- a big kite with good low end that really drifts- the drift with the pivot is ok but it's not really on par with other surf kites I've tried

somebody post a review of the 15m in light wind and waves already !!


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