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North Mono durability

Created by sonny2727 Two weeks ago, 4 Jun 2017
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4 Jun 2017 9:24AM
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Now that people got a chance to use the Mono for a while can anyone comment on the durability? Some say one strut makes the kite less durable compared to say Neo but then Mono had Dacron or some enforcemeat on the leading/ trailing edge.
i do self launch land lot so not sure Mono will survive


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6 Jun 2017 4:24PM
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The version I had had a sort of rubbery layer on the leading edge and the normal North reinforcement so mine looked pretty much as new when I sold it (probably only about 20 sessions on it though so not high use). I was self launching but tether launching so less wear as no dragging. It looked like pretty much the same level of reinforcement between the Neo and the Mono.

Its not a bad kite but why the Mono over the Neo out of interest? Cost?


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"North Mono durability" started by sonny2727