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North Neo 6m

Created by dazza5172 > 9 months ago, 30 Oct 2017
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30 Oct 2017 8:08AM
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Finally got to test my 6m Neo on some good wind and waves:

For me I just like comfort, wave riding strapped or strapless, as a lighter dude I hate constantly fighting against over power as opposed to working with the wind. So the dilemma of a Neo of 5m vs 6m is there every year. Do you go 5m and know that you can handle the 30 plys range but contend with the gusts and lulls that this wind always brings, or go the 6m and feel more even power through the lulls but risk being over cooked at times.
So this year I sent 6m again and hoped that the top end of the Neo has been improved. The answer is that it seems to have a bit more comfort top end wind, or the wind as not as strong as I thought?? thats a tough one to work out but I did have the local wind recorder which is normally a little under the actual wind - but a bit gustier, however on this day I am going to say it was pretty spot on.

I felt the kite drifted better,I really did not have to worry about it at all even slack lining going down the line (with the wind) and into the little wind shadow closer to shore. It turned just right as I could do little back roll transition turns and not worry about kitelooping myself into trouble but it felt (under factory settings) like I knew where the kite was in the maneuver; and it really did feel like it took a bit more top end wind with comfort.

Regarding the 5m vs 6m this was one of those days (like so many) where had I taken the 5m out it was good for 30min at 32 knots but then the rest of the kite and later in the session (about 11.30) the wind started to drop off (does not show on the chart until 12.30ish) but I could still stay up wind and enjoy the waves cleaning up a bit. For my rider weight and the gusty conditions that we, and so many of us get, the 6m on a surfboard style kiteboard is a pretty nice size.
You can see that when we rocked up at 9.00 am my thoughts were on a 5m that I don't have; however on the 10-10.30 report the 30 - 32 knots was windy but okay, but the 16-26 range was super comfortable; so it really handled that morning of averaging around 28 knots wiht the 30 - 32 knots really well. The kite itself also handled the wind easily so a heavier kiter would easily handle more wind, my report is more on my comfort level rather than the kite canopy straining in any conditions - which it did not.

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