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North Nugget or Airush Cypher?

Created by KiwiDave A week ago, 20 Mar 2017
VIC, 177 posts
20 Mar 2017 8:01PM
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I am looking for a first directional. I like the reports I hear about the Nugget and I like the look of the Airush cypher. But which way should I go?

I am 95 pies with 9,12 and 17m Airush lithium kites and plan for a 7m one day.

Will be kiting on Port Philip bay either when there is too little wind for a twintip or when the wind is westerly making for very confused little waves - the proverbial washing machine.

I have never surfed. Not quite comfortable with the term 'intermediate' but certainly not a beginner either.

QLD, 1097 posts
20 Mar 2017 7:36PM
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Hi Dave, you couldn't go wrong with either board mate.
If you can find one secondhand in the larger sizes, buy it.

NT, 1974 posts
21 Mar 2017 2:04PM
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... Hey KiwiDave,

I used to ride the 5'10" Cypher (Active Construction) and currently use the 5'5" Nugget. Both are good boards and perfect for getting into directionals as they are both easy boards to ride so either way, you should like them.

The Cypher having the 5 fin boxes makes it a bit more tune-able to suit what ever style your after and this makes it a great surfboard but the Nugget is faster, handles bigger kites better and has better upwind so ultimately makes it a better light wind board. The Cypher felt a bit bouncy as the wind picks up but move your feet position around and you can tame it better.

The older Cypher's deck got heal dents pretty quick under me and I wasn't too happy about that but this was probably because it was the Carbon version so built for performance rather than strength. Once the heal dents appeared, so too did cracks and this let water in so I was constantly repairing it only to have more tiny cracks appear elsewhere. Same age and hours on the Nugget and hardly any dents and no cracks so clearly Nugget has a stronger build. I guess the standard construction Cypher may have been better in this regard.

Hope this helps.




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