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North dice reviews

Created by dkeating 8 months ago, 21 Aug 2018
VIC, 133 posts
21 Aug 2018 12:17PM
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Noticed there seems to be lots of 2nd hand north dice kites around for sale over the last couple of months. Is this because their good, lots sold or no good and people are moving them on
Any opinions on owners or demo testers how they compare to other similar style of other brand kites.

WA, 32 posts
21 Aug 2018 1:38PM
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Ive been riding the dice for 4 seasons now.. purely in waves!! north market these as a good all rounder compared to the Neo which is there dedicated wave kite, they turn on a dime, don't back stall and steering is nice and light, but still enough pressure to know where the kite is with out having to look at it. One thing I do find is if the winds a bit marginal and your in between sizes they don't perform that well. but when the winds in the right range they are sick. Interested to try the duotone version this year.

NSW, 455 posts
22 Aug 2018 1:02PM
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Nothing wrong with the Dice, just depends on how you intend to use it or what feel you like out of a kite.

I find them Fun and do a bit of most well but they aren't really best at anything either, but im not looking for 20meter flat water jumps so if you are not the right kite most likely.

WA, 7051 posts
22 Aug 2018 7:51PM
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2014 was W..K

389 posts
22 Aug 2018 8:14PM
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The team riders get to buy them discount prices or are given them for free depending on their status. Then at the end of the season they sell them on and upgrade. Hence you get a flood of them just as the new stuff arrives.

I always thought they worked best for lighter riders. If you're 90kg I'd probably give them a miss. If you're 75kg you'll probably like them.

VIC, 614 posts
23 Aug 2018 2:21PM
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I ride North Neo's in waves right now, but it would be good to have a kite i can do some unhooking with. Do you reckon i will lose too much performance in waves if i move to Dice?

i might add my greatest fear is overshooting the kite.

When it has happened the Neo has got me out of trouble. I've been in some pretty far offshore breaks and the safety of a kite who can handle that is paramount.

WA, 6917 posts
26 Aug 2018 8:30PM
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Why don't you try unhooking the neo?

Unless you are gonna move into complicated stuff I'm sure the neo will unhook just fine for the average joe blow rider. Mainly wave riding and "some" unhooking stay with what ya got man. Neos a damn stable platform to do the basics of unhooking.

If you were mainly unhooking, plus freestyle hardcore looping with "some" wave riding then get the dice.

30 Sep 2018 5:36PM
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Im 75kgs and have ridden every model of the kite as its happened every year, and i still love it ! I ride surf, flat and foil so i will say, i like a kite that does everything .If i was specialising say wake style or just surf style maybe i would ride some thing different, but a do some of everything so its still the kite for me.
Hope this helps


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