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Peter Lynn Fury/Fury Lite

Created by subseaos > 9 months ago, 17 Mar 2014
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17 Mar 2014 5:24AM
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Rider: Weight,Level intermediate 120kg
Style: Freeriding, Surf, Freestyle
Weather: 15-25 knots
Build Quality: ?/10
Satisfaction: ?/10

I used to be a big fan of Peter Lynn twin skins, the old Venoms and Venom 2 had 13/15/19 meter they were great kites.

Just wondering if many or any guys have got or used the LEI kites recently and I what they think of them see a shop in Perth is selling then pretty cheap and hoping to get some rider info especially on the bigger ones ie the 15/17/19 meter Fury.
I'm a big guy at 120kg.
Started kiting back in 2005 but stopped in 2008 mainly because I lived in Singapore and wind was rare at the best of times unless you were sub 65kg.
Took up the sport again about 6-8 months ago now living in the Philippines. Been using Best waroo's and my old Venoms, thinking of getting Best TS 17/15/13.5 but interested in finding out about the PL Fury so any info from guys who have used them would be great..
I'm mostly riding twin tip but on really light days have been out on my surfboards for just cruising.


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8 Apr 2014 2:10PM
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I find the Fury Lite to amazing smooth to fly with great de power ability. It turns quicker than you'd expect and as sonn as it hits 10 knots I know I am guaranteed a great session on my Shinn Dundee 135 x 44 or Surfboard. 2012 available brand new from Kite Addiction and at an amazing price. You need to check the inflation valve if the lite gets hot (in car for example) as they will need replacing. This is relatively cheap and easy to do.
Quality and simplicity of bar and lines set up is impressive as is the canopy.
Hope this helps

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8 Apr 2014 2:11PM
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I was describing the 19m here........


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