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REO V4 5m? question

Created by nayy Friday, 17 May 2019
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Friday , 17 May 2019 5:36PM
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Again a Reo question.

while searching for information on Reo I found a thread on another forum that the Reo V4 5m? is a 'bad kite' in the serie. (in this thread, 3,4 other kites confirmed this)

V3 5m? was good, V4 5m? 'not good'.The V4 7m? was good too...

V4 5m? : Stalls too fast, not balanced kite, too fast, not enough power or too much power, ...

I bought a V4 5m? last winter (europe) but did not try it yet...
Are there reo V4 5m? users that can conform this statement that the V4 5m? is a 'bad kite' ... I would be really surprised that a brand like Ozone made a bad kite in a serie of good kites... i think this is just BS.



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Saturday , 18 May 2019 11:01AM
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Yeah I've flown the 5m V4, its not a bad kite, its just as excellent as the rest. The designer is about 65kg and he definitely uses 5M a lot as they test at Le Morne in Mauritius, or WA.
I'd say that these negative reviews are coming from people that have used the 5m V4 in winds that are not actually strong enough for it. Or perhaps they are not that experienced and don't understand that the sea state in 35+knots has a lot of influence on how the kite flies and feels.
Perhaps their board is not suited to higher winds and rougher sea conditions?


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