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RPM in sizing

Created by PusherII 6 months ago, 13 May 2020
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13 May 2020 2:15PM
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Have a chance to get a good deal for a 2017 RPM. If there's a solid kite with nuts reputation outthere, here it is, but....

i am pretty heavy (95kg) and i red some old discussions about peoples complaining RPM's size, reporting a smaller size than declared.
My fear is having a 12m working like a 10m, cauz i already have a 10 (not RPM).
I actually tried long time ago a 10m, maybe 2012. Very nice toy, but even in that situation, i felt working like a 8 or 9, lot faster turning and lot less powerfull

any considerations?


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"RPM in sizing" started by PusherII