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RRD Religon ,Obsession , Cotan

Created by bearbusa > 9 months ago, 6 Feb 2016
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6 Feb 2016 10:55AM
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Rider: Weight- 74 ,Level -Advanced
Style: Freeriding, Surf
Weather: 15-25 knots
Build Quality: 10/10
Satisfaction: 10/10
Disclosure: Have ridden or owned nearly every types of so called wave kite and many freestyle kites ,
Have been riding RRD for most of my 14 years of kiting, good friends with JG ,SOS surf Fremantle

Finally Have some time to post review on a few new bits of Gear, rode a total of 3 days when home the other weekend in various conditions , from 4/5 ft surf to flat water from 15 to 28 knots and stormy

Religon 9/12
The new Religions feel like the original wave kite they brought out many years ago , when the first religion came out they would pull you off the board on tight turns , they were so quick , great to see they have come back somewhat to that , most of the waves kites over the last few years seem to have lost that raw performance trying to make them suitable for all conditions , it is a wave kite not a compromise , the kite drifts as good or better than any other wave kite on the market and build quality and strength is as good as always,

Cotan ,( Cut off nose and tail ) 5ft/2 board
This thing rocks and preforms from sloppy on shore 2 ft to clean 5ft waves , tried the board with both my 9 in solid 5 ft and 20 plus knots .rode the same board in very small average winds with my 12 , strapless and again preformed beyond my expectations , held lines well, was so loose when riding without kite pulling ,went upwind like a truck and the grip on the turns was amazing,the build quality was great and the board was so smooth and the grip on the bottom turns again was a good as any of my surf boards i use when surfing,

Obessession 10.5
Haven't owned a free ride kite for some time , have borrowed or hired plenty over the last 6 years while travelling overseas and owed a obsession way back when they first came out.
Living so close to the broad water on the gold coast needed to at least own one when the surf is average.
This thing again preformed better than i expected , can only compare to what i have ridden on trips in the last year (wainman, north, core, best)
I admit to being a bit older now so mainly ride surf , after riding this kite in 15 to 28 knots very gusty weather the wind range,
The performance was outstanding , matched to one of the new RRD twinnys (Bliss V3) i had one of the best flat water freeride sessions i have ever had ,managed to get some 5/6 meter jumps and the kite-loops just were so easy , scared myself a few time with the lift i got .
The kite holds height and is so smooth , this combined with the wind range makes this kite one of the best free-ride i have tried in many years , cant wait to get back on it and try it in a bit of swell.

Yes i do favor RRD for many reasons , long term service and friendship from JG SOS , happy to be back on them after a few years away on other brands , but main reason is cause they suit me and preform to my expectations

Like always enjoy the stoke and try all the brands , one will suit you


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