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Royal Solo kite review

Created by Crash6116 > 9 months ago, 20 Feb 2009
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20 Feb 2009 1:16AM
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If relevent, please fill in this template...(& remove this line)

Rider: Weight,Level (beginner,intermediate,advanced)
Style: Freeriding, Surf, Wake, Freestyle
Weather: ?-? knots
Build Quality: ?/10
Satisfaction: ?/10
Disclosure: (e.g. work at a shop/team rider etc)

My Comments:
I want to know what someone who has flown them a good bit thinks of them

QLD, 139 posts
20 Feb 2009 11:41AM
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Hi Crash, If yours in the area come try for yourself! LSD are having a demo day at Queens beach, Scarborough QLD on sunday and at the moment the wind gods or looking favourable. ther will be a solo or 2 two try as well as the era. from 11am.

QLD, 80 posts
3 Mar 2009 10:16PM
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Rider: Weight 85 kg, advanced
Style: Freeriding, Freestyle
Weather: 15-17 knots
Build Quality: 9/10
Satisfaction: 9/10
Disclosure: team rider

I had only a couple of goes on the 11m Royal Solo so far in not so good conditions, which is never great to judge a new kite. But considering the conditions i was impressed by the performance of the kite, stable and loyal in extreme gusty winds, fast turning and powerful, great depower and easy handling. The built of the kite seams strong, produced in Sri Lanka in the same factory as North and Core, the quality is top shelve.
The bar feels great and te stopper ball works a treat.
I cant wait to fly the Solo in decent conditions but i am confident to say that this kite suits anyone from beginner to advanced.
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Bring back the wind !

WA, 12 posts
28 Apr 2009 4:47PM
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I tried both the Solo and Era, i would go with the Era which is a good performer, really liked it. Solo in my opinion sucks ass - or maybe it was the guy who set it up, had some kind of wrong settings. The low end sucked big time, other guys were all riding along the beach.


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