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Royal XTERA 15 meter

Created by suface2air > 9 months ago, 28 Aug 2013
QLD, 699 posts
28 Aug 2013 7:35PM
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Rider: 62 kgs intermediate
Style: Freeriding,
Weather: 9knots gusting 10-11 knots
Build Quality: 9.5/10
Satisfaction: 9/10
Disclosure: a simple man of 43 years old loving our sport
Board :138 x 40 crazy fly
My Comments:
First thing first thanks to marvin at "in the loop " for suppling a demo of this kite .

Ok it is a 15meter and I was after a kite for the lite wind under 10 knots big ask I know . I will start with the bag it all works and is easy to get kite in out of it . The kite build is really good like I do pay atension to small things like stiching ect and this kite is clean and good . The last panels of the kite on the tip ends canopy is of different material a lot stronger for the wear and tear one could do if self lauching and landing good scuff pads on the top of the outside struts for the same reason .I gave the build quality a 9.5 out of ten as the kite is a 10 but the bar let it down a bit .
The bar is really good has a depower clam lock above the bar I did have trouble reaching it as it was to far away for my short arms to reach . The QR work good but trying to get it together well that was not easy at first but over time you might get it together easer . This is the only bad thing on this kite and I will say it is only minor .

So a launch this big sucker up and straight away I loved it nice and smooth . Steering it is what blew me away this thing is 15 meters and steered the same speed if not quicker then my 11meter swichey . So a little dive and whop we are up and cruising along the kite sitting at the edge of the wind window and is pulling me up wind . Hang on for a second we are talking 9 kns I can fly the swichey at 10-11 but I have to sine it so much I have nearly worn the bridel out . Feeling pretty good about what is all happening lets see if this Xtera jumps so I pulled the trigger and we were off ok wasn't high but the scary part that I was not expecting was the hang time . I floated and floated and travelled a far distance before touch down . Cool . So I made sure I was well upwind before I shot it after the first one . ok stuffing around time little wave 2 ft I cant tell if it drifted or not , not enough power in the wave to check it but the kite dose down loop nicely not a pivot turn more a nice conscience fly around and was smooth with power all the way .

Ok so after an hour or so I notice that the wind was picking up so I pulled in some trim line say 100 mm and the kite was good .Back to base where a mate was so said give it a go you will be surprised he said no way has to be 13 kns or more for me to get going . He still gave it a go . He was using my board and he weighs in at 95 ks . He got up and I did not see him back for an hour while he was off I grabbed my wind meter and it was a steady 11 kns no gust .

Ok when all the dust had settled the Royal Xtera is a must kite to demo for the lighter wind might not be your cup of tea but if you need to get on the water and the wind is lite on, grab one of these and give it a run who knows it could be just what your after (needed) .

WA, 6915 posts
28 Aug 2013 7:02PM
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Nice one bro!!

QLD, 1855 posts
31 Aug 2013 7:18AM
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nice one mate. Glad you enjoyed the demo

i will put put a review of the 7m together soon. classic delta like bandit dos and core gt are massive boostersso is the Xtera. However, the similarity to the classic delta shape feel that i still love so much the Xtera is like that it but much more refined and obviously a 2013/2014 model.

keen to see the next reviews. hit me up if you are keen to be the next one to try.. we also got an 7m, 9m and 11m in demo fleet.

happy days.


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