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Slingshot Convertor

Created by 7-Nation Aust > 9 months ago, 12 Jun 2017
7-Nation Aust
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12 Jun 2017 2:50PM
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I've been curious to try the Slingshot Converter ever since it was released its latest foil board line. I live in Jupiter, Florida, and if you know anything about that part of the world, you'll know that we deal with light wind and very choppy surf. I have limited space in my car and limited cash in my pocket, so a board with dual functionality really made me curious. Surf and foil with the same board? At first it sounded like a gimmick, but I was willing to give it a shot. And I'm stoked! Now that I have the Converter, I no longer need to bring both a surfboard and a foil board to the beach, I just bring my Converter. When the wind is light I foil, when it picks up, I trade the foil for fins in and shred the waves.

I don't really even need to land my kite. It only takes about two minutes to change over, and thanks to the board's the FCSII fin system, all you do is click the fins in- no tools required. The whole system is just awesome- it saves me time, money and space and gives me more fun and more sessions on the water.

The 5'4" is the perfect size for surfing and foiling. Being the same shape as the Angry Swallow, it has a very similar feel to a regular Slingshot surfboard. This is awesome; I wasn't sure how it would perform while surfing, but it's just like a regular surf board. While foiling, the Slingshot Converter has a different feel than any other boards I've ridden. It's so much fun to carve big, smooth turns. What I think separates this board from a lot of other dual-purpose foil boards is the volume and shape.

The Converter is a legit surfboard that can actually perform in the waves, rather than being a skim-style board that really doesn't function well in the surf without the foil.I'm stoked! See you on the water.

-Mark Cafero


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