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Slingshot Talon

Created by horey69 > 9 months ago, 17 Nov 2017
QLD, 266 posts
17 Nov 2017 4:23PM
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So I was running a short chicken loop on my rope slider, and wondering how long it would take to wear out. Bottom line, very slow to wear out so still a good option for toeside or wave riding. Then I picked up a Talon to replace the short C/loop, after a few months using it I can happily say they are awesome, smooth closer to the harness and of course impossible to wear out.
They make one for each of the Slingshot bars.
Hit up Slingshot Australia for one.

QLD, 1647 posts
17 Nov 2017 7:36PM
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Such a good idea.

Fly on da wall
VIC, 685 posts
17 Nov 2017 10:16PM
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It's way more fun riding toe side on a foil without them and surf board's. Requires a lot more concentration and skill which give me a buzz.
Like riding strapless...
But we're all different luckily!

NSW, 80 posts
18 Nov 2017 8:04AM
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Has anyone retro fitted a Talon other brands bars?
I am thinking of fitting a Talon Sentinel to my North Bar and cant see any reason why it wont fit/work.
Any help appreciated

WA, 510 posts
18 Nov 2017 8:54AM
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I'm really stoked to see brands coming out with new connection options, I have been on a rope slider for about 3 years now and I couldn't go back

As far as fitting a talon to a north bar you would need to check that the connection points fit, both the part where it is screwed into the QR assembly and the end that fits into the clasp of the qr. I highly doubt that they would line up and I certainly wouldn't go spending the money before I knew they did.

North do their own rope slider cl probably better just to use that


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