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Slingshot Wave 2016 6m 8m 10m

Created by AndreC > 9 months ago, 20 Oct 2015
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20 Oct 2015 1:13PM
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Rider: Weight Fat advanced)
Style: Surf
Weather: All sorts
Build Quality: 9/10
Satisfaction: 8.5/10
Disclosure: Team rider for KSS Shop Scarbs...was on Ozones last year...Airush 2 years before...F-one before that

My Comments:

BAR- Built l;ike a tank/Very techie/Soft ends... Its built tough its on the heavy side but has swivels/depower adjustment and safety on Tap. I am not a bar geek so look elsewhere for the low down. I only care how the kite flies.

Kite-Built tough not the lightest going. Tipped up leading edge makes it hard to pull out of the sky but **Also a WARNING it doesn't sit on the ground landed without weight on it very well..If you are aware of this its fine..they should have put a warning forward on this as it could cause problems self landing or hot launching especially for newbies.

Turning- There is a few settings I can't be bothered trying...essentially its a smooth grunty kite..I like to down loop allot for faster turning and it does this...but its not its strong suit..Its a drifters Kite which you can bottom turn against with power and setup Reos or airs.

Upwind- 8/10

Cross On -10/10 Prob the best I have ridden.
Crosshore Point- Its going to be ****ing fun ..down loop to cork screw kite ahead of you to make sure you can drift it
Unhooked- I dont unhook allot myself but I do when I am bored and this kite loves it..just trim accordingly

Depower- You can get rid of all sign tension and surf for quite a while before having to pay attention to the kite...this is what it does really well..coming from Ozones which do everything well and Airush which I rate too,..its refreshing to **** the kite off sometimes and soul arch...cut back...poo squat or what ever.

Surfboard- it will suit all styles.

Colours- Are gay like all kites

Magic Size- I like the 10m the most atm Stable smooth grunt and depower and drift when you get sick of it

and the 6m second as its grunt pivotal and piss it off when you don't like it.

Weight- Lighter riders will get away with smaller sizes...big guys can use their man beef against the kite to throw buckets.

Summary- I am a fussy for me to give this 8.5/10 means its a really good kite...

Pop into KSS and show support for the local kite store in Scarbs...the merchandise is is really cool and the generosity of the owner will impress you. BTW if you are interested in developing your wave kite knowledge KSS will be holding a couple of Wave Kite seminar nights= Beers/Bikinis and Paella

164 Scarborough Beach Road, Scarborough WA 6019
(08) 6161 3544

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20 Oct 2015 4:32PM
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The 2013 and 2014 self-land fine. Did they change the shape of the leading edge? Does the LE not sit flush to the ground?

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21 Oct 2015 3:14AM
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mbuckley said..
The 2013 and 2014 self-land fine. Did they change the shape of the leading edge? Does the LE not sit flush to the ground?

Are you sure you read the title? "Slingshot Wave 2016". There were no Slingshot Wave´s in 2013 and 2014.

WA, 54 posts
21 Oct 2015 8:40AM
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Sorry! Duplicate naming! Read the review thinking it was the Airush Wave.
If you want a kite named "Wave" that self-lands Airush makes one!

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21 Oct 2015 8:13PM
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Good review. Actually quite a funny honest read. I also rate Bonny and will have to put this on the "must try" list.

VIC, 218 posts
24 Oct 2015 6:47AM
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If only the kites would sit on the beach and we're able 2 b self landed as mentioned . . . . Rpm has same problem. . . Otherwise great review and kites



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