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Slingshot refraction 2017

Created by kemp90 > 9 months ago, 10 Nov 2016
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10 Nov 2016 10:12AM
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Rider: 75kg ,
Level Advanced
Style: Wake, Freestyle
Weather: 12-30knots
Build Quality: 9/10
Satisfaction: very happy
Disclosure: Team slingshot. I'm not trying to pimp, just an honest review.

At first glance the new graphics are sick. Reminds me of something from Star Wars. Bottom is pretty average with just slingshot printed.

My first impressions of this board on the water was really good. For its rocker line it's quite fast, it has a comfortable blend of speed and rocker. I personally would have liked it to have just a touch more rocker as I like a big rocker line but it's still a very healthy blend for a wakestyle board.
The outline is basic, which I like. The channels are very minimal with only the tips that you can see a real difference. Mid section is flat but scoops into a very slight double concave, (I'm sorry I didn't take a pic).
The rails are cool and cut back. Not sure if I can tell and advantage from this but it looks sweet. (Supposed to be great on the rails, but I can't comment on that yet).




Tearing into the box it came in was the first time Iv seen a refraction in person so I wasn't sure what to expect. I order a 139, but if I could do it again I would have gone the next size up. It dosnt feel like it's too much board when loading. Definitely something to keep in mind if your ordering but can't get a demo.

Load and pop:
As said earlier this is quite a fast wakestyle board. And you get a nice solid pop.
I think the standout would be the release. Sometimes if you can't release properly your whole trick is ruined. The release is very easy. I don't think once Iv messed up the release! Definitely a highlight.

She's stiff, No question there! But your can still get a nice press of the sandbars, logs and trees.

I ride my boards very hard! I ride up the beach, over rocks, coral, logs and I try and press on anything I can.
The base this year has been a big talk up saying it's the best on the market. I think it's on par with most other brands possibly be slightly better. But I assure you, it's definitely not elliot proof. Its definitely getting some wear as you can see in the pictures but I think it will take a wile to hit core tho.
Top graphics do wear as well. Doing dark slides over ruff sandbars has taken the corner graphics off a little. But if your not riding it like you stole it, this wouldn't be a problem.

This board is very comfortable through chop and landings. I was looping a 9m yesterday and a few times it didn't catch me, i landed hard and flat on the water, the board chewed up a fair bit of the impact. I wasn't left with any sore ankles or knees, so I think that says a lot about the comfort.

To sum it all up. Most of the hype you need on the website is true. Was slightly let down by the base but hey, nothing really can handle rocks and coral.
Haven't had this board at cable yet but Iv head good things.
I'll be setting up a rail this weekend so I'll keep you guys updated on how it handles a rail!

Cheers, and any questions please ask away.

Regards Elliot.


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