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So good its blinding 2017 Slingshot SST 8m review

Created by AndreC > 9 months ago, 5 Sep 2016
WA, 469 posts
5 Sep 2016 8:19PM
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Rider: Weight 90+Kg ,Level
Style: Surf, Freeball
Weather: 15 knots Down winder 2-3ft swell
Surfboard Firewire 28.8LT
Build Quality: 10/10
Drift 10/10
Turn/response Feel 9/10
Relaunch- 9/10

Colour- My therapist said green was better than red for me.
Disclosure: (e.g. rep for KSS Scarbs WA so get to choose between OZONE & SLINGY)
Disclaimer: ( I was riding Cabrinhas all week on the Cabrinha Quest Boat)

My Comments: OK so heres the breakdown.apparently the shape hasnt changed from 2016 except more NASA type reinforcing incase I need to fry an egg on the canopy. HOWEVER the feel is exceptional...I rode the SSTs last year and I am a convert it took a while to get used to the way to ride them (being someone who wants the kite flying like a banshee all the time..) I have adjusted to more loop in and drift style riding...the SST lets you comfortably turn off its residual smooth pull leaving that nice feel of just your rail engaged to feel the wave and board..without babysitting a pesky kite too much. After over 7 years on surf style its come back to rider/wave/ board. Trailing Ryland last year on downwinders reminded me of of more direct surf style which he makes looked easy unhooked.

Extra notes-
-smooth low end power can switch it on and off to suit.
-If you get smashed it will drift and float in the air till you come up so you can relax and look for crayfish.
- Suit wide scope of riders weight and style ( I have 6,8,10m) Lighter guys would get away with 6 & 9mOnly

BAR- Best safety release on the market due to being able to rehitch so easy., Bar ends not hard not soft..Depower with cleat system is well accepted.
Kite- One fast pump valve which works well when the local yoga chic pumps the kite up without bending at the knees to much.
Settings- to lazy to try the different settings however I have been told the middle wingtip setting activates the **** out of the kite(yet to try this).

Negative- Line wear and tear ...however slingy provides spare parts to service the bar so its just 2 beers and you are brand new again. Also wants to take off when on the ground in gusty winds so place sand on canopy or board( you will appreciate this when its not falling infront of a 6ft wave in shark infested waters like here in WA.

Positive- riding towards kite it will drift and turn with response better than than you can drift your mums carolla

IMPORTANT- use the 20cm bar for 8m kite and above (17cm for 7m and below)

WA, 529 posts
8 Sep 2016 7:52AM
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^^^ wow kite so good you can ride it with no eyes !!!

WA, 306 posts
8 Sep 2016 9:27AM
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Yes it part of slingshots incorporated vr system, to enhance your kite flying expirence, they remove your eyes and mount them on the kite. Not keen myself but pair it with a sliding click bar and hey presto best setup on the market

QLD, 1512 posts
8 Sep 2016 12:12PM
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Sounds like a game changer to me


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