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Torq TEC range

Created by newbie23562 28 days ago, 30 Jan 2020
WA, 26 posts
30 Jan 2020 9:39AM
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Hey anyone used a Torq surfboard for kite? any good?

the base range seems super tough but heavy, maybe the TEC ones?


QLD, 1287 posts
Sunday , 23 Feb 2020 12:53PM
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Hi Mate,I haven't used for kiting, but surf on them.

TET is bombproof. Would be good in the small fish shape.
TET-CS is same as above but has 1 less layer, replaced with a carbon strip CS. (a good option for weight to strength ratio)
TEC is more performance orientated and has some good options for kite models.
ACT. first ever prepreg board made. Super light and super strong and at $899 it's pretty good value.



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