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Underground FLX 132 07 vs 06

Created by ascole > 9 months ago, 21 Sep 2008
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21 Sep 2008 9:13PM
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This is going back a bit, but can anyone who has ridden both of these boards give me a rundown on the difference in ride between these boards....

The 06 (red pirhanas) had the double concave with a foam core and the 07 (dark blue board art) changed to wood core.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Adrenalin Rush
QLD, 876 posts
22 Sep 2008 8:47AM
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Go the 07 as we had a couple of the 06 boards snap. No 07 boards have done this as yet. Guess the wood core stands up to more punishment, and has a natural flex pattern.

QLD, 107 posts
22 Sep 2008 11:06AM
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I know of at least one 07 board that has snapped. Underground did replace it under warranty though---they're sweet dudes over there!

I have heard that the 06's had better pop than the 07's.....any truth to that?

24 Sep 2008 9:32AM
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What Joe said and no the 07 and now the 08 boards have much better pop than the foam boards.
All the top boards in all brands are wood core, its better for pop and performance, much, much stronger too.

Cya and



WA, 644 posts
24 Sep 2008 3:37PM
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snapped a 06 board and received a wood core replacement in a "deal". Top blokes.

06 for me doesn't handle the chop as well and is slightly more bumpy.

07 is smoother and has more feel it(probably why you get better pop?). Its well worth (IMO) buying a 07(or 08 if you have the cash) over an 06.

oh yeah, footpads are way more comfy.

WA, 265 posts
25 Sep 2008 8:43AM
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I recently bought an 07 from my mate, which I thought was pretty good but upgraded to the 08, the 07 has a littel more spray coming off it but not a big deal really. I found the 08 has excellent wave handling characteristics, and the foot pads are by far the most comfy I have used.
i have got an 07 for sale need to recover from the financial trauma of buying a new board


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