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Underground Kipuna Freewave Fish 2010???

Created by omg > 9 months ago, 31 Jan 2010
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31 Jan 2010 4:22AM
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Has someone tried this board and if so, how do you like it?

The board looks nice and has a nice flex and seems strong, but I don't know how would it handle stronger winds.

So any feedback highly appreciated!


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31 Jan 2010 7:46PM
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I haven't ridden (or even seen) the fish, omg, but I have been loving the 5'8" Kipuna.
It felt a bit strange at first because I was used to riding a poly surfboard, and the freewave doesn't have as much buoyancy, but after one good session I had it dialled in. I'm a bit surprised that there isn't more noise about the Freewaves, Underground have gone to paulownia wood construction, the board has great flex, unlike epoxy pop outs, full deck grip, raised rails, future fins..... the only criticism I have is that the gloss paint job scratches easily, and the 5'8" at 19" wide is a bit wider than I would usually ride.
I haven't fitted straps yet, loving how far you can push riding these boards strapless.
The thruster kipuna has a pretty good low end, I don't know if you are looking for a lightwind board specifically, but it seems that Undergound intended the fish to be a light wind or fat folks board for small waves.

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31 Jan 2010 7:39PM
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Hello guys,
see here as is been just discussed:

The Fishy is good in light wind.. And at low speed..

The Kipuna 5'8 is actually 18'5 wide.
Great all around surf board that can be jumped as a Twin Tip.
The flex is great in choppy water and bumpy waves.
For clean down the line waves I prefer to use a classic surf style board.
Bye Jankie

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1 Feb 2010 7:55PM
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tobes and Jankie,

you got me interested in the 5'8... you mentioned the buoyancy isn't matching with the regular boards. How come?

And does the 5'8 plane early and go through the lulls? Or should I be better off with a bigger board?

We have onshore waves, quick, from ankle snappers to head high (rarely though) and I was wondering if this 5'8 would fit the bill. Oh, and winds from 12 to 25 knots.

What's your suggestion for 80kg rider?

thank you very much!

I noticed that there's a bigger Kipuna freewave 6'2 as well, so do you know how this thing differs from the 5'8 in riding?

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2 Feb 2010 12:39AM
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Hello there, the Kipuna free wave is a Surf Style board with Twin Tip style construction.
Is hard to explain if you haven't seen one..
There is no volume and therefore little buoyancy.
The board is 18'5 and plane nicely due to the low profile and width.
I did not try the 6'2 but I know it has the same width.
At 80 kilos you would be fine with the 5'8.
Bye Jankie

VIC, 103 posts
5 Feb 2010 1:25PM
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Checking out takoon 5"8 quad. is definitely worth doing.
I am 80 kg,have been riding it in 14 to 30+ winds, no problems,
good for jumping and tricks too, hardly ever using TT now.
Good luck.


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